curated by Donn Davis

September  5 - September 27


This show is an exploraration of the illustrative line and it's connection to art based cultures.  The work is a broad range of paintings and drawings from some of New Orleans most prolific tattoo artists.  The show is meant to be a connection between the ten gallery and Tattooagogo in a way that mimics the tattoo artists experience of working on and with people.  The show will touch on the history of tattoo traditions, abstract illusionism and cartooning in all of the ways that those mediums play into the art of tattoo.

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"An Introduction"

August 1 / 6:00pm

"An Introduction"

The Ten Collective

June 1 - August 30 - 2015


This show is a group show put together by the members of the TEN gallery collective.  It is a show that gives us a chance to experience all of our work together for the first time.  We need to see if our work can get along as well as we do.  Even though we have been at this location since August, 2012 we have decided to re-introduce ourselves to the uptown community for the "first time".  We are a contemporary artist run gallery space trying to carve out a niche in an area that is a vital part of the New Orleans creative culture.  The artists come from all over the southern region and are fully committed to exploring what it means to be a contemporary artist living in the south.


Jeffrey Rinehart

Founding Member

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