Connie Shea


May 7- May 31


Fiber Art by Connie Shea

May 7 - 31

Opening Reception May 7th 6-9PM


ten   sion

1. the state of being stretched tight

2. mental or emotional strain


Familiar Tensions , a series of woven works inspired by an early weaving of mine, is an exploration of the physical and emotional ideas of tension. Through repeated form and process, I find:


    • taught warp released to breath
    • shape comfortable being strained
    • push and a pull
    • gather and a release


Connie Shea is a textile artist and painter working primarily in sculptural weaving and acrylic paint. Her woven works explore shape and space with wool, felt, stuffing, and wire. These works influence and are influenced by her abstract paintings of fish and underwater seascapes. In both mediums she speaks in related colors and forms to convey a sense of textured weight, tension and harmony. Shea is inspired by the energetic paintings of the abstract expressionists and the materials and techniques introduced by the soft sculpture artists of the 1960s. Connie Shea was born in Clawson, Michigan in 1981. She lives in New Orleans, Louisiana working in the film industry and also in her home studio in the Bywater. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2004 with a BFA focusing on sculptural weaving and abstract painting.










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